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See 5 Shocking Reasons Why Nigerians Die Early (No 4 Is True)



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The life expectancy of Nigerians is said to be below 50 years

Countries like Japan, Britain, China, have life expectancy of over 70 years

The factors responsible for sending many Nigerians to early grave are mostly anthropogenic in nature

When a typical Nigerian is told the age at which an average Nigeria may die is one or two years less than 50 years, he may look at the person who make such a statement with so much disdain. He believes such a talk is not meant for him. However, the real truth is that some Nigerians sometime go beyond their limit in their day-to-day activities. Many Nigerians over use their body, and place unnecessary burden over their head in order to survive the Nigerian daily hustle.

Some of the briefly stated reasons below are responsible for cutting short the life of many Nigerians.

1. Pollution

Everywhere is polluted in Nigeria, especially fumes coming from generators in the neighbourhoods which has carbon monoxide (CO). The noise, air, water are other forms of pollution.

2. Poor nutrition

Poor feeding due to excuse of trying to save money for the rainy days. The economic situation of the country is telling on many people also.

3. Self- medication

There is a wrong notion that the doctor is not needed. Or sometimes, prayers taking over the functions of drugs due to extremism in faith

4. Stress

Society-created stress or self-created stress. No time for vacation. No time to relax with family or friends or to socialise. The hustling and bustling in a state like Lagos, is sometimes abnormal. People leave for work very early and close very late.

5. Little of rest, sleep, exercise and medical check-up

A person that works late into the night and sleep less than four hours everyday should know he is joking with his health and his life. Medically speaking, the average hour a person should sleep in a day is a minimum of six hours. How many Nigerians observe this, not to talk of going for at least an annual medical check-up


Which Of These Reasons Is Really Really True??

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