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Meet Demirel, The Strange Barber Who Uses Fire To Cut His Clients’ Hair (Photos)



Brave customers at one barbershop really are in the hot seat thanks to a maverick hairdresser’s technique of cutting hair using fire.


Kadir Demirel, who runs Kapsalon Istanbul, in Holland, has ditched the scissors and instead sprays flammable liquid on his clients’ hair before setting it alight.

Shocking footage taken inside the salon shows Mr Demirel using a comb to brush the hair while it is still burning and smoking.

The 39-year-old businessman said: ‘I learnt this technique during my barber training in Turkey.

‘Traditionally it was used as a way of burning away lice when there was no cure and it was also used to style and smooth hair as there were no hair dryers at the time.

‘I use it to tame frizzy hair and burn away dead ends. Healthy hair isn’t damaged by this technique.

‘It can also be used to remove static hair after a cut but I wouldn’t recommend anyone trying it without proper training.

‘My customers aren’t scared because they trust me and it’s not painful. I have one customer who is just seven years old and another who is eight.

‘I enjoy my work because it’s so different. I also like to teach other barbers how to use this technique.’

Via Daily Mail UK

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Odd News

Meet Man With The Longest Nose In The World



Guys, meet the man with the World’s longest nose..

His nose measures 8.8 cm (3.46 inches), that’s from the bridge to the top..

He has been identified as Mehmet Özyürek, a man who hails from the country, Turkey.

According to the Guiness Book of World Records, Mehmet’s magnificent nose was measured in 2010 on the set of TV show ‘Lo Show dei Record’ in Rome, Italy, but this might not be the longest nose ever: there are reports from the 1770s that English circus star Thomas Wedders had a nose measuring 19 cm (7.5 in).

See more photos below:-

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Man Beats Wife To Coma For Turning Off WIFI To Make Him Sleep



A Wife is currently suffering for her kind gestures by turning the WIFI of to make her Husband sleep. The matter got off the hook as the Husband out of anger beat his wife to Coma following the turning off their WIFI in the house to make him go to bed on time. The alleged beating by the Husband has cause her a lot of damages, leaving her in Coma.

Investigations are already on the trail as the Husband is reportedly behind bars.

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Odd News

#TimeTravelShocker: Man MEETS HIMSELF 40 years in the FUTURE’



A “TIME TRAVELLER” from the year 2030 has met with a version of himself from 40 years in the future who was able to discuss the individual’s life as proof of the shock reveal, a video has claimed.

Noah Novak, who has declared he is from the year 2030, claims to have met with a version of himself from the year 2070 as shocking evidence ‘proved’ they were both the same person.

Noah from 2030 explained: “He showed a bunch of personal information, he said a bunch of things about what I did, he said all the sequence of events and stuff since I came back from 2017.

“He said everything that I did, and this is the type of stuff that someone would have to stalk me for my whole life to figure out.

“Obviously it would be really hard for him to figure out all of this information.

“There is no way that he could figure all this out unless he stalked me from the very beginning.

“I believe he is me from the future.”

Noah from the year 2030 was incredibly curious as to how hims future self was able to talk to him without creating a time paradox.

Noah from 2070 explained time travellers are fitted with “microchips” that prevent them from saying things that cause cause a disturbance in a sequence of events.

The younger Noah asked: “How are you able to talk with me?”

Noah from 2070 replied: “They inject time travellers with microchips that help prevent the person to prevent paradoxes so they don’t say something out of order.”

The time traveller from 2070 added that in the future cars are able to take people to destinations “almost instantaneously” and that a war is being waged “using satellites”

He stated: “Cars are very fast… you programme them and say where you want to go and it takes you there almost instantaneously.

“There’s a war being waged using space, being fought on Earth, using satellites.”

Noah from 2030 stated that during his time period there are rumblings of the war but it has not yet escalated to an all-out conflict.

He claimed: “Yeah I heard about that.

“I’ve heard of that, like in the future people are talking about how the tensions are rising and that this could actually happen.”

Time travelYouTube Apex TV

The ‘time traveller’ from 2070 claimed that he had a microchip fitted inside him

Noah from 2070 was unable to disclose what countries are involved in the space war, he stated that if he disclosed the information it could lead to a time paradox.


The time traveller’s refusal to disclose further details could confirm that if he has a microchip inside himself to prevent disturbances in time, it is extremely effective.

The older Noah said: “I don’t think I should, because I don’t want to throw it in a paradox where it changes events good or bad.

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