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Is the New Champions League Format Great?



Uefa Champions League

The UEFA Champions League, as we know, is the best club cup tournament in the world today. The legendary competition has changed in terms of rules added and removed in other to make the game better. These changes aimed to improve the tournament’s gameplay and make it more attractive, fair, and generate more revenues.

However, the latest rule change, which is motivated by revenue generation, has been made official, and that is a new Champions League format. Before we answer if the new Champions League is great or not even with champions league betting, we will evaluate what prompted this decision, why this, and what impact it might have on the overall game.

The New Champions League Format Brief History

Once the creation of the European Super League was announced, the body chaired by Aleksandr Ceferin has taken action on the matter with the best club competition on the planet.

It was a matter of time before UEFA reacted to the birth of the new European Super League, a project that Real Madrid and Manchester United have spearheaded. That is why the body chaired by Aleksandr Ceferin has made a move when it comes to the Champions League, which is widely considered the most outstanding club competition on the planet football. Thus, a renewed format will be applied that would come into force from the 2024-2025 campaign.

The Europa League will also be subject to certain modifications, to which it is convenient to add the development of a new framework by UEFA: the Conference League. In this way, the Champions League would be composed of 36 teams (instead of 32), ensuring a minimum of 10 commitments for each participant (currently, this figure is six duels). The main leagues were betting on including five clubs from their championship, although it is true that the four places that will be added will be made up of lower-ranking countries.

Various Changes In Sight

An interesting aspect is that the classic group stage will be eliminated so that the new Champions League would be organized through a League between the 36 clubs involved. Depending on their ranking, each club will play two games against opponents from the same pot, three with those in pot 2, another three with those in pot three, and two more with those in the last pot (4). The top eight will go to the round of 16, while a playoff will occur from ninth to 24th place. Those eliminated from said playoff will have the privilege of being able to join the Europa League.

It can’t be overlooked that there will be clashes that take place on Thursdays. Although that day of the week will be reserved almost exclusively for the Europa League and the Conference League, there will be a couple of weeks in which the Champions League will be played from Tuesday to Thursday. Two weeks in which, therefore, no UEL or UCL contests would take place. Likewise, the option of organizing a final four to replace the two-legged semi-finals is seriously considered. This format would bring together the four best teams in the tournament in a common venue, a situation similar to that experienced last summer in Lisbon.

Is this New Format Great?

Change is the only thing constant in life. We can’t expressly state that this new format is excellent or not. After all, if it doesn’t meet up with fan expectations, it will be reverted. So. We’ll have to wait for at least two-three tournaments to know the answer to this question.

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