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Five Types of Nigerians That Watched the Argentina Vs Nigeria Match (Where Do You Belong)



Nigeria is finally out of the Worldcup after Argentina defeated them in a controversial match yesterday, even though we scored a goal, thanks to Moses Amazing Penalty kick.

As Nigerians came out en masse to watch the match, there are different types of Nigerians who watched it and they are being classified in to 5 categories:

1. The True Patriotic Nigerians: These are the people that want Nigeria to win by all cost. They are ready to support the Super Eagles till the last minute and can not give in to the fact that Argentina are a better team.

2. Messi Fans: These set are people that even though they are Nigerians, they still want Argentina to win because of Messi. They’ll pray against Nigeria and wish Messi destroy the defenders so he can qualify to the Round of 16. They are the ones who celebrated Argentina’s victory.

3.Ronaldo Fans: These set of people want Nigerian to win not because they are patriotic but because they want Ronaldo’s main rival to go out of the Competition at this stage.

They know if Argentina are eliminated in Group Stage, Ronaldo’s chances of winning the 6th Ballon D’or is very certain and therefore they supported Nigeria because of that. They end up disappointed after the match and have therefore shifted their support to France.

4. Neutral Fans: Patriotic Nigerians Who Are Die Hard  Messi Fans. They are confused, they love Messi and they are true Nigerians. They just stayed neutral. It’s a win-win situation for them. They hoped the best team win and wipe celebrate any outcome.

5.Non Football Fans: These are probably our mothers,  or girls  that doesn’t have interest in football but because it’s the World Cup and they want people online to think they’re about happenings in football, so they watched the game and uploaded anything and everything about the game.

Where do you belong?

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