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The ridiculous booing of Dele Alli by Nigerian fans during England vs Nigeria



Today Nigerian fans in Wembley booed Dele Alli whenever he touched the ball. I commend the fans for turning up in their numbers to cheer the super eagles but I also condemn them for the treatment of Dele Alli.

Here is my reason

What was on display or fueling the reactions by Nigerians is a very faulty culture we practice in Nigeria. A culture rooted in tribalism. You know that culture that says Chukwuma born in Lagos to Igbo parents is not from Lagos, or Adekunle born in Onitsha to Yoruba parents is not an Anambra indigene or Shehu born in Port Harcourt to Hausa parents is not a River State boy!

Guess what? The world has moved on from the backward tribalism and mentality that goes on in Nigeria.

Dele Alli was born in England and he feels English. Anybody going to London to boo a footballer born in England who has chosen to represent the country of his birth just because his name is Bamidele Alli and his father is Nigerian? Guess what, you are displaying your backwardness to the world!

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