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Man Mauled To Death By His Pet Lion Inside Its Cage



Man Mauled To Death By His Pet Lion Inside Its Cage

A man has been mauled to death by his pet lion which he kept caged at the backyard of his home in the eastern Czech Republic. The man, Michal Prasek was mauled by the 9-year old cat right inside its cage.

His body was found by his father via a surveillance screen, who immediately alerted authorities.

His remains was however recovered by police who shot the lion and the lioness the man also had. According to them, the shooting was “absolutely necessary for them to get to the man”.

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Both lions were bought by Prasek, 33, and were kept in his backyard for breeding purposes.

He however ran into trouble with authorities after a biker collided with the lioness while he was walking it on a leash.

But his conflict with the authorities reached a stalemate after he refused to let anyone onto his property.

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