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Nigerian Lady narrates how she survived after being mauled by 5 hungry dogs



A woman who was recently attacked by her landlord’s five dogs has recounted the horrific experience as she revealed that she could hear the sound of her flesh being torn off by the vicious animals.

The dogs tore the flesh from Ms. Cherish Muchegwa’s arms, legs and behind on Sunday, March 10, at a house in West Somerton suburb in Zimbabwe.

In an interview with the Chronicle at the United Bulawayo Hospital in Zimbabwe, Ms. Muchegwa (25), described how the decision to go back home after dropping her son at her parents’ home before following her husband, Mr. Joseph Masaiti, to church nearly turned fatal.

Ms. Muchegwa had just entered the gate to her apartment when the dogs ran to her. She did not sense danger as the dogs had never attacked her since she had moved in two years ago.

“When they reached me one of them went for my arm and pulled me down and the others pounced on me and they started ravaging me. I think they were hungry because they clearly wanted to kill me. They tore off my clothes and I was completely naked as they bit me.

“I could feel and hear my flesh being torn off and teeth crunching my bones as they ravaged me. I tried to fight them off with all my strength but I was no match for them. I somehow had the instinct to use my hands to protect my neck because they wanted to go for my throat to end my resistance. The pain I felt as they ate me alive is indescribable. I am alive by the grace of God, “said Ms Muchegwa.

She said she is grateful to her neighbors as they came to her rescue after hearing her cry for help.

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