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Write-up Wednesday || The Journey Of Life (SHORT PIECE) By Fiyinfoluwa



The Journey Of Life

I see life as a journey where there are different cars in the road heading for different destinations…. Firstly, our parents try to teach us how to drive, they tell us what and what not to do. Then a point comes they come down and continue driving theirs watching us from their cars. Then its just us and God in the car. We try to learn the tricks of driving and the shortcuts. We find friends who are heading the same destination with us but not all of them really want to teach, that is what we keep on forgetting. Some are just there to spoil the road and cause accidents. Some people make the error of thinking friends will help drive but reality is that they can only horn and tell us to drive away from the potholes. They can’t come down from their cars and drive for you. Life is a race where its just YOU and GOD. Everyone else is to either help or ruin the journey for you.

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