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Write-Up Wednesday

Write-up Wednesday || The Sunshine by Deji Adeloye



What illuminates the earth?; The sun

What pleasantly shines on you in the day?; The sun
What resuscitates dead plants?; The sun
What bravely keeps darkness in shame?; The sun

What is life without sunshine,
Thou art more lovely and more temperate,
As it stares at me; i creep into a sensational admiration of nature,
The glowing engulfment enthralls me to a point of no return

Oh!!! My Sunshine,
The Sunshine creates a dazzling illusion in form of shadows,
To salvage the sarcastic beauty in darkness,
Oh! What a wonderful world

Even before creation which was without form and void,
The first necessity was light,
Which then makes me strive to be the light to my world,

Science states that the earth orbits the sun about 365times to make a year,
Of course; by chance nature’s changing course originates,
Welcome to my world of abundance of sunshine,
My love for the sun is more than night’s unending love for darkness.

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